Greetings Adventure Seekers!

I am Zeeshan from Atlanta. Since the early childhood days, I have a peculiar enchantment towards wilderness and diverse forms of natural landscape and its features like lakes, mountains, streams, natural flora and so on. This obsession for natural beauty has now culminated into this blog where I will not only share my travel memories through landscape photographs but also the angles where the world seems more beautiful place to me which has much stunning things to offer to human civilization.

As I have a huge and healthy passion for natural beauty and travelling, so happiness for me is hiking and camping with my friends and loved ones. Lying under the stars, swimming in the bluest of waters, and penetrating through the narrow lanes of the earth, rejuvenates not only my mind but also my soul. Therefore, I extend forward my warm hand of friendship through this blog to connect with me and share your experiences if you want. This platform is an emotional outlet of my creative side, so I wholeheartedly believe that my posts will give you the sense of fresh air and adventure to motivate you to go out on the trail.