Let’s set off to travel the territories
Least explored!
Remount the fears that have sucked out
The inner child of yours
New adventures are waiting
To explode the sleeping souls
Stand up! And equip yourself with new hopes
Pass through the alleys of nature, she would
Plant your uprooted core.
This time, only this time!
Don’t look for safe slices and become the writer of your life
Bad trips are actually the high-five of happy times
So, devour the wilderness of nature and
Get mislead for a while. Who knows?
You might find what your soul craves for?
Put aside! Your creepy constructed beliefs
Life is not what you think of.
Wake up! You are the wild child of life Born to slit the boundaries impeding you To listen your inner voice. You’re not born To sponge around the noisy and gleaming materialistic lifestyle They all are bound to shatter with time. Therefore, Retreat! For a while Permanence is being nurtured in the cup of life. Some call it Nature, some consider Her life Even pandemics bow their heads When they mistakenly touch her slides Believe it or not, Nature has Much to offer, you just need to escape/hang-up The calls offered online For a while.
SMRITI THAKUR@lifel_ine111